3/8" Air Regulator W/ 160 Psi Gauge

3 In 1 Air Control Prep Unit 1/4

3 In 1 Air Control Prep Unit 1/4"

1/4" Air Regulator W/ 140 Psi Gauge

Single 1/4" Air Regulator Compressor Fliter Lubricationli>Provides adjustment to airflow
  • Air inlet - 1/4"
  • Max air pressure: 140 PSI (10 bar)
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    This air compressor is ideal to maintain air tools dry and clean and also helps prevent damage to air tools. The water moisture trap filter removes solid particle and condensation associated with compressed air.


    • Industrial Quality Air Regulator Moisture Water Trap
    • Heavy Duty Solid Steel Body
    • Regulator W/ Gauge Included
    • Release Drain Valve
    • Provides Precise Adjustment Of Airflow
    • Maximum Air Pressure: Up To 140 PSI (10 Bar)
    • Maximum Temperature: 140 Degree F (60 Degree C)
    • Locking Airflow Adjustment Knob
    • Prolong Life For All Air Tools By Keeping Them Clean & Dry
    • Prevent Damage To Air Tools
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