7Pc Grease Gun Adaptor Kit

7Pc Grease Gun Adaptor Kit

Air Sand Blaster Mask

Protective Air Sand Blaster Mask
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      • This mask is used to contact the general dust-exposed (eg, casting cleaning, grinding rust, cement packing, polishing, painting, etc.) staff, protective clothing from dust hazards.

          • Professional anti-dust equipment
          • Material - canvas, single tape and plastic products such as sand clothing line
          • Front perspective mask is thick Plexiglas, very thick, excellent quality, clear vision
          • The breathable, lightweightt and comfortable to wear, suitable for mild blasting, grinding, polishing, dust and other places
          • Application fertilizer plants, cement factories, polishing industry, industry of the blasting industry dust is generated
          • Lens is a transparent plexiglass produced strong protective properties of the cap surface of canvas fabric, protective, comfortable to wear
          • Protective splash stones, sand blasting, and other protective occasions to use

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