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XtremepowerUS 700g Sand Filter Ball Polysphere Cleaning Swimming Pool Water

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The filter media ball can perfectly replace sand for pool filters, 1.5 pound filter ball equals 50 pounds of sand. They require less backwashing for maintenance purposes, and has a strong filterability, won’t clog your filter, eco-friendly. Can reusable, you can clean the dirt on the surface of the filter ball after used, and then make it dry, it can be used again. If properly maintained, it can be used for a long time.


  • Perfect for summer pool sand filter and others water filter, clear water makes you and your children enjoy swimming more. No sand in the pool, lighter and more efficient than traditional filter sand
  • XtremepowerUS pool filter media is designed to replace the filter sand for pool sand filters. 1.5 lbs pool filter ball is equivalent to 50lbs pool filter sand
  • Spherical fiber filter is made of polyester, polypropylene spherical filter and acrylic fiber. It has the advantages of high filtration strength, fast filtration speed, long service life, reusable, good elasticity and low loss
  • Unlike sand, the filter ball does not block your filter and requires less backwash for maintenance purposes. Premium filter media extends filter life and is a perfect replacement for filter sand, filter glass and other media
  • The fiber ball filter material can trap tiny suspended solids that are not easily precipitated and removed.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Polyeste, Polypropylene Spherical
  • Type: Replacement Media Filter Ball
  • Filter Ball Size: 1.5lbs Fiter Ball Equivalent to 50lbs of Sand

Package Content:

  • Media Filter Ball (1.5lbs / 700g)

Customer Reviews

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Probably the best filter media...

Using this with the Extreme Power setup, it works great! Keeps the pool clean and running well. One note, don't put it directly into the wash. It really needs a bag to keep everything contained, otherwise you'll get some of the fluffy balls will start to shred a bit. Other than that, totally love this stuff!