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XtremepowerUS 16" inch Wheel Barrow Cart Wagon Tire Flat Free 5/8" Wheelbarrow

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Flat-free tires keep your equipment rolling over the toughest conditions on any job site can throw at you, eliminating costly and inconvenient flat tires. These flat-free tires are non-marking and have the bounce and feel of pneumatic tires without ever going flat.


  • Perfect replacement wheel for your wheelbarrow, garden cart, hand truck, or other small garden and lawn equipment
  • Flat-free tires are non-marking and have the bounce and feel of pneumatic tires without ever going flat
  • Pneumatic Assemblies are high quality tube type tires that are budget friendly
  • Load handling characteristics are similar to air-filled tires, except now troublesome flat tires are a thing of the past
  • Both are perfect for residential users with small wheelbarrows and carts, this tire is rated to 350 pounds
  • Not for highway use


  • Color: Black/White
  • Number of Tire: 1
  • Bearing Size: 5/8" Axles Shaft
  • Tread Type: Ribbed
  • Hub Width: 6"
  • Rim Size: 8"
  • Bore Length: 6"
  • Tire Size: 16" x 4.80/4.00-8
  • Max Weight Capacity: 450 lb

Package Content:

  • 1 x Flat-Free Tire

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Don't look any further

This tire is a perfect replacement and hauls a heavy load. No regrets.

Juanita Singer
Excellent replacement wheel!!

Replaced old inflatable tire with this new wheel. Took less than 10 minutes. It was a perfect fit. The wheel is made of soft rubber, so it gives with the ground for a less bumpy feeling. Love the bearings. Greasing the bearings should eliminate any grinding sounds. I didn't have grinding sounds, but I read that others did. Thank..

Flat Free tire/wheel with 'air' rolling feel - great replacement!

Tire & hub assembled. Tire rolls over most things when loaded, like an Air filled tire, but does not absorb quite as well. The trade off is still a no brainer. From 'bearing to bearing' is 6 inches as described by "bore length" and "hub width" in the description - this is a critical dimension (!) for a replacement or else the bearing will 'work out' as one complaint noted. I filled up my 5 cu ft wheelbarrow with wet dirt [read REAL heavy] and it worked great!NOTE the higher 450 lb weight rating is much higher than MANY other 'flat frees' (too) and I it clearly worked for me.

Hank Hancock
A perfect fit for my two-wheeled wheelbarrow

I'm building an off-grid cabin and purchased a two-wheeled wheelbarrow to make it easier to haul dirt and cinders around. There's only one problem. I've got a few cacti on my property that have tenacious spikes that go right through the pneumatic wheels on the wheelbarrow. I was constantly fixing flats. Even fix-a-flat didn't solve the problem.I ordered this XtremepowerUS 15.5" Flat-Free Solid Wheelbarrow tire to replace one of the tires on the wheelbarrow that was just beyond patching one more time. It fit perfectly and best of all, no more flats! I will order a second XtremepowerUS wheel when my other wheel lets out its air for the last time, which I expect to be soon.

Cathy Thomson

so far so good