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XtremepowerUS 47807 47" Heavy-Duty Cordless Lightweight Grease Gun 20V Max Li-Ion

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XtremepowerUS 20v Max grease gun for multiple lubrication applications. Featuring a high-torque powerhead driven by an efficient, 20-volt, lithium-ion battery, the variable trigger-speed motor delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi. The rugged grease gun new 2-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulks


  • Industry 10,000 MAX PSI - 20V MAX XtremepowerUS battery operated grease gun can power through the toughest grease fittings with a motor that delivers up to 10,000 MAX PSI. Our cordless grease gun is suitable for agricultural, construction, automotive, general maintenance and industrial applications
  • 47" Flexible Hose - With a 47" flexible hose with replaceable coupler & attachment clips on both sides, offers greater access to difficult to reach fittings. On-board LED work-light helps to illuminate workspace and complete the work at night
  • Variable Speed Trigger - Our grease gun kit can control grease flow with the variable speed trigger. Lock-on/Lock-off trigger delivers added user convenience. Air-bleeder valve assists in quick priming
  • High-Volume Pump - High-volume pump of the battery grease gun pushes up to 5.0 oz/min high-flow applications
  • Heavy Duty Foot Design - Integrated no-mar foot design allows operators to rest the tool on flat surfaces


  • Color: Red
  • Power: Cordless
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Li-ION Battery: DC 20V, 4000mAh, 80Wh
  • Charger Input: AC 115, 60Hz, 0.8A Max
  • Battery Capacity: 1800mA
  • Oil Output: 148ml/min (5oz/min)
  • Pressure:10,000psi
  • Tubing Capacity: 500g
  • Tubing Length: 47"

Package Content:

  • Electric Grease Gun
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works as it should! YES it accepts grease cartridges!!

I ordered this product based on product photos and description. I failed to read the reviews until it had already shipped. I was pretty concerned based on others reviews that I just wasted my money. However I’m a tinkerer. I like to see how things work. When I first put in a grease cartridge it would not prime. After taking the tube assembly apart, I found the reason. There is a rubber gasket around the plunger that needs to be folded back, then reinserted back into the tube. The. The gun works as it should. Please see the video.

Joe Magarac

This apparatus configured as sold is a bulk loading grease gun only. Don't believe the crap that you can fold the plunger seal over (increasing the seal diameter) and then by some strange magic that will now fit in a grease cartridge tube. What I did was simply replace the plunger rod/spring/plunger seal assembly with one from an old grease gun. This (now) works perfectly for grease cartridges and I retain the original plunger seal assembly if I ever want to convert back to bulk grease use. Definitely a cheaper solution than paying $70 to ship it back.

Eugene A.
Not a cartridge grease gun.

I did not realize that this was not a cartridge type tool. You are required to pull the plunger and suck up the grease. Terribly difficult and terribly messy. The gun did actually work very well. It is a bit heavy but the strap makes it easier. I hope the grease loading gets easier because I like the tool.