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  • Powerful 2-man 63cc 2-stroke gasoline engine enables drilling of multiple holes in quick succession
  • Heavy duty die-cast metal auger bit can rip and shred through soft soils and clay-like butter
  • Rocky soils and tree roots may slow down excavation, but our post-hole digger can handle it with ease
  • Convenient built-in translucent fuel tank lets you easily check when you need to refill
  • Ergonomic handlebars with fingertip throttle trigger give you enhanced power and speed control
  • Steel jobsite handlebar frame provides secure protection for the engine against damages
  • Post hole diggers are made adaptable with most standard auger bits with a shaft size of 3/4 in
  • Simply choose the right size and type of auger bit to meet your requirements for the toughest jobs
  • Our XtremepowerUS selection of bits is available in a variety of sizes and types from 4 in., 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., and 12 in. to meet job requirements
  • Type: 2-Man Earth Auger
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Air-cooled Gasoline Engine
  • Engine Displacement: 63 cc
  • Engine Cycles: 2 Cycle
  • Fuel Mixing Ratio: 50:1 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.45 Gal
  • Clutch Type: Centrifugal
  • Start Type: Recoil Start
  • Translucent Fuel Tank: Yes
  • Maximum revolutions per minute: 183 RPM
  • Bit Included: No
  • CARB and EPA Certified
Product Content
  • 63CC Gasoline Post Hole Digger
  • Hardware
  • Manual

Stark USA 81008 63CC Post Hole Digger Gas Powered Earth Auger Digger 2-Man Digger

The XtremepowerUS 2-Man V-Type Gasoline Auger Powerhead gives you plenty of power to efficiently dig and bore through holes for decks, fence posts, tree planting, and more. This 2-man post hole digger powerhead features a powerful 2-stroke 63cc gasoline engine enabling the drilling of multiple holes in quick succession.

Stark USA 81008 63CC Post Hole Digger Gas Powered Earth Auger Digger 2-Man Digger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Guillermo Rolando Rubio Alvarez
It has power

Great value especially at this price

Garrett Smith
Good enough auger. Not heavy duty, but respect the unit and you will get a long service

Having never used an auger before, I initially had reservations about potential risks. However, this auger proved to be very effective. The only drawback is the electrical switch, which can be problematic – sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I would recommend repairing or replacing the switch. The auger itself is powerful, but it's advisable to use it in small spurts to lift the dirt out of the hole. I used the unit in sticky clay/laterite soil, which contained rocks, debris, and tree roots. Some roots required manual cutting, and rocks had to be dug out manually. With practice, you can achieve straight and vertical holes, especially when coordinating with your augering partner. If your soil is somewhat loose and sandy, one person might be able to handle the auger. I successfully dug 36" holes with the 10" auger and also used the extension bar to make multiple extensions, allowing me to auger down to 96". This will be beneficial for another project I am starting soon. Despite the switch issue, I would still recommend this unit.

Four Stars

An excellent machine considering the price.

Dug deep

I rated it a 4 only because it occasionally fails to shut off. Apart from that, it's wonderful!

Parris Church

Ideal for digging holes in rocky ground. I highly recommend this product.