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XtremepowerUS 96305 Freestanding Firewood Splitter Kindling Cracker 8" Log Splitting

SKU: 96305
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If you need to create kindling for your campfire, wood stove, fireplace or pizza oven and you don't want to risk injury by using an axe, the XtremepowerUS Wood Splitter is just what you need. The Wood Splitter is safer, faster and easier way to make the best kindling for your fire


  • To make a perfect piece of kindling, place a piece of firewood inside the iron safety ring and strike with a blunt instrument, such as a hammer, mallet or even another piece of wood
  • It's the perfect companion for your backyard stack of firewood, creating perfect kindling for your fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven, sauna, barbecue or smoker
  • Simply hammer wood onto the blade to create kindling. Much less effort is required with our splitter over the conventional method. Best of all it's foldable for easy storage.
  • A safe & easy way to make kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands
  • Includes pre-drilled holes and bolts for easy splitter mounting


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Iron
  • Inside Diameter: 8"
  • Foldable: Yes

Package Contents:

  • Log Splitter

Customer Reviews

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T. Duquette
Makes splitting wood easy.

I have a large side-by-side smoker as well as a Solo Stove. These both work better if thinner chunks of wood are used in them. Thinner pieces of wood enable more consistent temperature management in the smoker, and allow faster as well as better burning in the Solo Stove. I bought this splitter so I could do less axe swinging, and it works great. Regular size firewood pieces fit in nicely, and it holds the wood in place to make splitting quick and easy. I'm really glad I bought it.