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XtremepowerUS 81010-XP Gas-Powered Fence T-Postdriver Engine Gasoline Pile EPA CARB

SKU: 81010-XP
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This XtremepowerUS 52cc Gasoline T-Post Pile Driver saves you time, energy and back-breaking motions with smoother operation and efficiency of the post driver. The versatile design of this man-machine engineering reduces the working strength load of the operator to the greatest extent, allowing the operator to achieve 360 degree multi-directional operation. The 3-1/4 in. driver barrel can fit all posts up to 3 in. diameter.


  • Perfect tool for driving t-posts and ground rods in a wide range of garden, agricultural landscaping, geophysical exploration, and construction applications
  • Powerful 52cc T-post driver delivers up to 1350 impacts per minute at 45 ft.-lbs. of impact force
  • Ergonomic T-grip handle with integrated throttle for 360 degree multi-directional control and dynamic operation
  • Anti-vibration dampening system actively reduces working fatigue of user to greatest extent
  • Made easy-to-use with a simple recoil pull start method; that’s easier than starting a lawn mower
  • Blow-molded carrying case with built-in wheels and handle for easy transportation and safe storage of equipment


  • Engine Type: 2/4-Stroke Single-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Gasoline Engine
  • Fuel: 87 Octane unleaded gasoline or higher
  • Available Engine Displacement: 38/52CC
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Volume: 1.3L
  • Oil Capacity: 2.71 oz(0.079L)
  • Max Power: 1,500W/9000(r/min)
  • Max Torque: 2.5N.m/5500 (r/min)
  • Fuel Consumption Rate: <0.60L/hr
  • Impact Frequency: 700-1350bpm
  • Impact Energy: 20-55J
  • Dimension: 11-3/4"(W) x 11-1/4"(D) x 32-3/4"(H)

Package Content:

  • T-Post Driver
  • 2 X Piling Heads
  • 2 X Piling Sleeves
  • Tool Maintenance Kit
  • Carrying Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
James Pruden
Add Oil to unit.

I have not driven my first post yet but after reading the manual that comes with it, there is no mention that the piston side of the gear train comes shipped without oil. No oil in the sight glass. It is shipped dry due to postal regulations. I studied the parts diagram and see there is a connecting rod that connects to the hammer. This part is like the rod on an auto engine, it needs lubrication or it will fail in short order. Removed the sight glass and added motor oil to this area. It does not take much. I put the sight glass back on and stood it back up, I had to much oil. I had to drain some back out (made a mess) and put the sight glass back in until the oil level was visible above the red dot on the sight glass.The gear side was well lubricated with grease from the factory.20:1 seems like a lot of oil in the mixture but that is how I mixed it as per the instructions for the first few hours. Should smoke enough to keep the mosquitos at bay while I am driving fence posts! After priming, it started right up with less than 10 pulls on the rope.

Kyle Appling
Great product

I purchased this product and it has worked great for my hunting projects. I have setup three deer feeding pins with a total of 48 tpost. The driver starts up easily and drives tpost with ease. The driver does weight 40 pounds and gets heavy and the case is good. Very happy with my purchase.

David Ader
Great gas powered post driver

I bought this post driver to drive in the postmaster fence post into rocky soil. This post driver worked great you could tell when it hit a rock because the post didn't go in as quickly but after letting it pound away the post went in. It made short work out of most of them. Would highly recommend if your looking to install a fence.

adrian smith
Absolutely worth it.

This was a very good buy. It saved me time, energy and resources while building my white vinyl fence. I did not have to dig and had no need for cement. A very clean fence instal. A bit heavy to lift but that also helped made the post to go down easily. It was absolutely worth it.

Works great

Received driver and began setting it up. First I placed 80-90 W gear oil in the gear box. Filled up the gas can to line for 25:1 ratio with 2 cycle oil, filled up the gas side with 91 Octane gas (no ethanol) , and mixed the two. Once I found the primer bulb, I primed the gas to the carb, with a few pulls the engine started right up. This is a heavy item and I am not young, so my plan was for my son-n-law to operate it. He did so and proceeded to drive 8 T post, with a few start and stops of the driver. Each time it started right up. We finished up for the day driving a 2 3/8" steel pipe into the ground 4 feet. This driver did the job expected of it and then some. I am satisfied and later on we plan to install about 200 t-post around the property.