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XtremepowerUS Swimming Pool Above In Ground Leaf Cleaner Floating Skimmer

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Eliminate leaves, dust, pollen, bugs, and debris with this Floating Skimmer. Continuously recycle your pool's surface water to the filtration system, clarifying your water. The XtremepowerUS Auto-Skimmer operates with virtually all automatic suction type pool cleaners on the market.


  • Leaf canister is ideal for trapping leaves, twigs, insects, and other debris before it reaches the filter system
  • Reduction of chemicals eliminates surface particles without the use of chemicals
  • Removes all particles and debris before they mix or reach the bottom of the pool
  • Generates a whirlpool suction power to eliminate surface particles & debris
  • Capture debris before it clogs your pool's pump, skimmer basket, and filters, so your filtering system needs less servicing
  • Operates effectively at any water level, and in any type or shape of pool, i.e. in concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools, above and below ground
  • Can be connected directly to the pool suction port
  • Attaches to suction manual and automatic pool cleaners


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Required: Vacuum or Suction Cleaner
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Package Contents:

  • Skimmer Floating Kit
  • Manual

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