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  • Running your pump at lower speeds for longer periods of time will cost you less in operational costs than running your pump at a high speed for shorter periods of time
  • Easy start-up fill the pump with water upon first use to prevent the motor from overheating
  • An extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning
  • Fully programmable, self-contained 24-hour time clock, with custom speeds and timer functions, which allows it to manage flow throughout the day
  • High-Efficiency Impeller maximize flow and reduce noise while the energy-efficient motor with commercial-grade frame; Inlet 1.5" NPT (fit for 1.5" male threaded adapter)
  • Thermally protected motor for greater protection and longevity
  • Intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  • Specifications:

    • Material: PPGF30 + PC
    • Power: 1.5HP
    • Voltage: 230v
    • Amps: 5.7
    • # of Speed: 4
    • Rated Power: Speed 1 - 750 RPM (30 Watt), Speed 2 - 1500 RPM (75 Watt), Speed-3 2500 RPM (350 Watt), Speed 4 - 3450 RPM (890 Watt) 
    • Timer Function: Yes
    • Inlet Internal Fitting: 1-1/2" NPT
    • Head Max: 63ft
    • GPM: 101
    • Waterproof Level: IPX5
    • Certification:
    • Hardware Required: Yes

    Package Contents:

    • Electric Pool Pump
    • Manual

    When installing, please consult qualified professional


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Rodney J.
    Reduced electricity bills substantially by changing to variable speed

    So many pool equipment parts fail in 2 years or less but this variable speed motor is still going strong. I waited to review this to see if it would hold up. Today it has no signs of rust or corrosion and still looks good as new. Taking advantage of the variable speed made a very big difference in my energy consumption. If you aren't using a variable speed motor get one and you will save you money.

    Jay Safford
    Pump works perfect

    The pump installed and is now running and am very pleased with the reduced power consumption. When running at 1550 rpm it is only drawing 100 watts. At full speed of 3450 rpm it uses 1000 watts. At the slow speed of 750 rpm it barely moves water for my 20,000 gal pool. Plan on running it at 1550 rpm for 24 hours a day and will use 1/4 of the power my old pump running at 3400 rpm fixed used in 8 hours.

    Good Product for the money

    It was a simple connection, programming was not hard but wasn't easy either. Took some time to figure out how to program it. Working great.

    Pump SCHEDULE has 8 CYCLES available to program. Power Saver Plus !

    220V Pump Shipped with 1 1/2 Inch Unions included. Very quiet, Energy Efficient operation. * FIRST BE SURE TO ADD WATER with a hose or clean container to the newly installed PUMP BEFORE STARTING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME or after Servicing it.When Power is applied the LCD display will light, Power Light will be Green. START STOP should be OFF to Program and perform the initial setup.* Note: ( this isn't in the manual ) Unused CYCLES need both Start and Stop Set to 00:00 to DISABLE unused CYCLES there are 8 of them The recommended setting for minimum Speed is 750 RPM or greater ( Pump must be moving water to prevent premature failure due to drying out from no water flowing through it ). Note: There is NO PRIME Function instead use a SCHEDULE - CYCLE for a Speed and time sufficient to prime the Pump after it has water in it but has been off overnight 2500 to 3000 RPM 4 to 8 minutes should be sufficient set as first CYCLE in the SCHEDULED CYCLE (CYCLE 1 START) (CYCLE 1 STOP) (CYCLE 1 SPEED).There are many functions that are in the Manual, I would suggest you read it before attempting to operate the pump for the first time. ( EGG TIMER function it's in there, but I don't think it's Needed )If you Press QUICK CLEAN it will ramp up the pump speed to the preset of 3450RPM or you can setup the QUICK CLEAN for a Time and Speed you prefer, Used for things like Vacumming or moving more water to skim the surface of the pool quicker when the time elapes the pump will return to its programmed Schedule and resume operation.Note: at a Speed of 2200 RPM Yes it still runs my pool cleaner ( Zodiac Barracuda) around the pool at this speed it indicates drawing only 255 Watts of power that's a 75% plus power saving over a comparable 1.5HP single speed pump It's not uncommon for a 1.5 horsepower pump to use 1100 " 1725 wattsThis Pump doesn't seem to move as much water as Max-Flow Hayward pump it replaced but its still only half the price of one. It simply works, saves power and money and I am satisfied with its performance. The pump comes from China and it has foam packing protection on the top and bottom of the pump to minimize damage from shippingthe sides of the cardboard box are vulnerable to Impacts, this should be protected better.Great, Price, Value, and Customer Service.Note Technical Support is not something you should expect with the purchase. If you are not technical I would highly recommend you get a professional to install this pump for you.

    Ian B
    Energy use is low, and it's quite at 3000 rpm

    XtremepowerUS 1.5hp is fantastic, especially because of the value for money, energy savings, pool clarity and noise.I run the pump on a schedule setting.It was hard to get the schedule setup. I had to read the directions completely and bring them out to the pump when it was time to actually program.I have used this in a 25k gallon in ground pool.The pool has never been cleaner or easier to maintain because I run the pump 24/7 at lower RPM's. This means water is constantly circulating and cleaning but with less wear and tear on the pump and pool components because the pressure is lower in the system.I believe this will also save money.At highest 3450 RPM it pulls 930 watts.I never run it over 3000 and usually only 2000.At 2000 I see it running at 300 watts which is fantastic for keeping the pool clean and energy usage down.See the video of the sound.