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  • Professional Labor Saving Wrench is a newly designed car wheel wrench for easily loosening truck tires lug nuts or car tires by using less labor to reach a sufficient output torque without impact or Compressor needed
  • When your normal wrench is not able to do the job on some stuck lug nuts, you need to ramp up your torque!
  • The purpose here is to give extra leverage on tight bolts where a conventional tool is not going to give you the power you need to loosen them.
  • An important part of any professional tool kit, especially when working with trucks and construction
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Construction
  • With the big trans-ratio, it will allow more output torque while using less force
  • Torque Outlet: 350N.m/ Approx. 255 ft/lb
  • Gear Ratio 1:18
  • Drive Size: 1/2"
  • Socket: 17mm, 19mm & 21mm
  • Storage Case Included: Yes
Product Content
  • Wrench
  • Socket Set
  • Storage Case

Stark USA 18856 1/2" Car Torque Multiplier Wrench

This car-saving wrench is ideal for wheel wrenches in small vehicles. It is designed for a car's wheel wrench for easy loosening of truck tires. Lug nuts or car tires use less energy to reach a sufficient output torque without impact or a compressor needed.


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

Tracy Bistodeau

it works.


The tire shop personnel tends to over-torque lug nuts with an impact wrench, often exceeding the specified torque. Breaking them loose in case of a flat can be nearly impossible. I purchased this tool in March 2019, after struggling to break them loose during a tire change. It's now December 2020, and thankfully, I haven't had to change a tire until now. My wife got a flat, and when I tried the old way with my four-way lug wrench, it didn't work. I used this tool and had all five lug nuts loose in about two minutes, with no swearing, straining, stress, or hassle. I changed the tire quickly and headed home. Surprisingly, on the way home, I had a flat tire on my one-ton truck. Again, the four-way didn't work, but this tool had all eight lug nuts loose in maybe two minutes. It works quickly and effortlessly. One caution: the tool's makers advise only using it to loosen lug nuts, not to tighten them, as it significantly amplifies torque and may lead to snapping or pulling out the lugs with minimal effort.


Initially, it feels awkward to use – as if it might bind on the nut. However, this is more of a sensation than an actual issue. After a few uses, positioning it correctly on both wheel nuts becomes second nature, and it works effortlessly. It easily cracked the overtightened nuts on my SUV. When re-tightening, caution is needed as it can easily over-tighten. It's advisable to disassemble the unit and re-grease the gears, as there's minimal grease applied from the factory.


Compact and lighter compared to the majority of others, ideal for use in the wife's car.