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XtremepowerUS 18856 1/2" Car Torque Multiplier Wrench Labor Saving Spanner Lug Nut

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This car saving wrench is ideal for wheel wrench of small vehicle. It is designed for a car's wheel wrench for easy loosening of truck tires. Lug nuts or car tires by using less energy to reach a sufficient output torque without impact or Compressor needed.


  • Professional Labor Saving Wrench is a newly designed for car wheel wrench for easy loosen truck tires lug nut or car tires by using less labor to reach a sufficient output torque without impact or Compressor needed
  • When your normal wrench is not able to do the job on some stuck lug nuts, you really need to ramp up your torque!
  • The purpose here is to give extra leverage on tight bolts where a conventional tool is not going to give you the power you need to loosen them.
  • An important part of any professional tool kit, especially when working with trucks and construction
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Construction
  • With the big trans-ratio, it will allow more output torque while using less force


  • Torque Outlet: 350N.m/ Approx. 255 ft/lb
  • Gear Ratio 1:18
  • Drive Size: 1/2"
  • Socket: 17mm, 19mm & 21mm
  • Storage Case Included: Yes

Package Content:

  • Wrench
  • Socket Set
  • Storage Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Worth every penny!!

I am not joking when I say, "I would not have gotten the lugs off without it"! The night before I tried using a lug wrench, battery impact gun and a socket wrench with a cheater bar, ALL to no evail. So I went looking on Ihubdeal for help. I saw this product, and like always read the reviews. One review that suggested to grease the gears before using, so that is what I did. I followed the instructions, and began using. (I actually did not expect it to work, and expected to break at least on lug.) It took some effort but nothing went wrong. All the lugs came off without snapping any lugs. This tool was pushed really hard, held up well and got the job done! I am satisfied and would recommend it to anyone.

It Works!

It was able to break loose the lugs easily! I could not budge them with my four point lug wrench but with this no problem !

Jason Willett
Back injury accessible.

Prior back surgery. 2nd injury. Don't have to step on 4 way few cranks and bam.

Is a compact tool

Tool is not secure in the box

Great tool

Just what I needed and wanted. Works great.