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Our pressurized water booster pump is perfect for transferring water from wells or water reservoirs up moderate slopes and to upper stories of buildings. This water pressure booster pump gives homes up to 5 times more pressure in their water pipes for better showers, cleaning and irrigation. This pump is perfect for draining, adding water pressure to houses and farm irrigation.


  • The shallow well jet pump is designed to supply fresh well water to residential homes, farms, cabins as well as agricultural structures and many others
  • Jet water pump can be pumped water from a shallow or medium slope to a high place and is suitable for constructing a lawn sprinkler system
  • Built-in thermal overload protection, so that the pump automatically stops when the card machine is overloaded to prevent burning
  • The automatic booster system and high-precision pressure gauge allow you to clearly see the pressure value and easily control the water pressure
  • Shallow well jet pump is suitable for high floor domestic water, faucet and shower pressurization, groundwater and well water extraction, farmland irrigation and water supply, and water tower pressurization
  • Equipped with an automatic booster system and pressure gauge for easier and safer operation
  • Painted body resists corrosion as there are no exposed metal parts
  • Designed and manufactured in line with the valid CE safety requirements


  • Color: Blue
  • Available Power: 1.0/1.6HP
  • Hose Fitting: 1"

Package Contents:

  • Water Pressurized Garden Pump
  • Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Valerie WardValerie Ward
This pump and tank combo works great

Our water froze over Christmas and we had to replace the pump and tank because we are up on a big hill and need it for the pressure.Works great, pressure is better than before. And it looks pretty too.

R. BrownR. Brown
Works very nicely

The back groundI have been having issues with my pump for quite some time. I have put off buying these types of pumps because of longevity issues. They just don’t last long. ( generally speaking a lessor model from Harbor Freight last just under a year)I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought one, I installed it with my old bladder tank you see in the back ground because of more water on demand storage. I normally wouldn’t do that but I have installed a few hundred of these style pump options because standard house pump costs have sky-rocketed in the last couple years. Bladder tanks have gotten so expensive I won’t even write about it. I have never used one of these pumps using another bladder tank along side of it. Where we live we haul water to our homes so these pump’s are essential to living.I have been using this pump around 5 days and to be totally honest I have been pleasantly surprised. I finally have enough water pressure in my shower to actually wash the dirt off. My other pump was losing pressure constantly ( because of age) and I could no longer stand the pump turning off and on every 3 seconds. With the optional bladder tank installed I can finally take a shower and have the pump come on once to recharge the system. I can flush the commode and the pump doesn’t come on to recharge the system. It has plenty of pressure at all the faucets and uses far less amperage and electric than my old pump. I can say this easily because my lights don’t dim when the pump comes on. Which was a precursor of my old pump going bad.If you’re considering a set up like this pump be sure to buy the extra warranty. As I have started I have installed a few hundred of these style pumps ( not this brand of pump but ones from Harbor Freight ) and depending on water supply demand and usage they don’t last very long. And that is not a down play on Harbor Freight hardware, water where we live is very calcified and destroys faucets and pumps on a regular basis.So that being said so far so good, the pump was easy to install, ( I say easy because I have installed quite a few of these style pumps and once you install the proper quick connects in the lines they are about an hour set up process) the pump primed almost immediately and came up to pressure very quickly and shut off as demanded. Not much else to say. At 950 gph it’s a good pump for home usage.At this point I would recommend this product, however my views may change after long term usage and how many issues surround it. But at this point it seems to be a very well made set up and plenty of pressure to do what I need a pump to do.One thing I need to point out; using an additional bladder tank is something I did. It is not a requirement or necessary for a pump like this. I believe it will help with the longevity of the pump and system setup.

Darrell Patrick
Great pump for the price.

Pump was easy to install and easy to start up. Worked well and no problems thus far.


Perfect solution for my application!!!Thank You

It works great

I like this product cause it works and it is quiet being in my home