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  • The blade is ultra-thin making it easy to maneuver while cutting
  • Vacuum brazed technology for a longer life span and maintains the blade's diameter
  • Can be used for ferrous metals, iron, steel, stainless steel, rebar, copper, and other high tensile alloys
  • The diamond steel cut-off wheels outlast regular wheels by a ratio of 65:1
  • Able to cut 2-3 more concrete than lower quality blades due to Premium Bond that provides the optimal cut-to-wear ratio, optimized for balanced cut life, cut-rate, cut precision, power demands & heat buildup, allowing you to cut longer, consistently precise with moderate power demands with the lowest heat buildup in the industry
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 16" x 0.125" x 1"
  • Max: 5,500 RPM
  • # of Piece: 1
Product Content
  • 16" Diamond Saw Blade

XtremepowerUS 16" Diamond Metal Steel Cut Off Saw Blade Wheel

XtremepowerUS 16" Diamond Cutoff Wheel is equipped with vacuum brazed technology for a longer life span. The vacuum technology also prevents the saw blade wheel from losing its diameter while in use. The Stark Diamond Cutoff Wheel is great for cutting ferrous metals, iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, rebar, and other high-tensile alloys.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Very sturdy blade

Lemuel Morales

I utilized this blade to cut through stone blocks that were 16" wide and 4" thick—a substantial task. I managed to cut six of them, and virtually all the diamond on the blade appears intact, albeit slightly dulled. I employed water to cool and minimize dust. This blade performed exceptionally well for a demanding job, and I would purchase it again. However, there's one aspect that perplexes me—the direction in which the blade should rotate. One side's arrow indicates the typical saw rotation with the blade "cutting" into the material, while the other side shows the opposite. I find it confusing!