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  • Heavy-duty construction jumper cables have a thick inner core, connect and start your dead or weak car battery fast. Suitable for car, coupe, sedan, SUV, full-size van, Larger truck, farm equipment, and more
  • Jumper cable can boost a dead or weak battery easily. The booster cable gets more battery, typically from another car, to give the drained or completely dead battery an extra boost of energy
  • It's a safe way to transfer power from a 12/24-volt automobile battery. Whether needing a jump-start for someone else, the jumper cable is a useful tool. The long cable enables longer access and the rescue range is wider, so you don't need to try hard to move the car
  • The red and black exteriors make it simple to connect the right color to the battery's positive (+) and negative (-) metal terminals, and the different colors can keep you from accidentally crossing wires
  • Booster cable has four giant alligator clamps with strong parrot jaw teeth and springs for excellent grip force. The jaws are strong and make connection easy with better conductivity and tension
  • Come in an impact-resistant travel hard case, that way you can conveniently store it in your car, tool shed, home, etc. You can bring it anytime, anywhere, and store it in your car's trunk
  • Color Code: Red (+), Black (-)
  • Gauge: 2
  • Amp: 600a
  • Cable Length: 25ft
  • Carrying Case Include: Yes
Product Content
  • Jumper Cable
  • Carrying Case

Stark USA 2ga Booster Jumper Cables 25'

The 2-gauge Jumper Cable is a professional-grade cable that is ideal for fleet services and heavy-duty equipment applications. The temperature and abrasion-resistant 25ft cable is exceptionally flexible, even in extremely cold temperatures. The booster cable sets are equipped with heavy-duty color-coded clamps for polarity identification.


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Customer Reviews

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This item precisely matches its description. It is well-built, constructed with what appears to be high-quality materials, and features a very flexible jacket.


While RVing, our 200AH battery system, located on a carrier behind the RV, is connected to the single 12V battery at the front of the RV using these cables. This setup ensures ample power for the 12V appliances inside the RV, as well as for operating amateur radio and external lighting.


When two vehicles are parked side by side, and their batteries are on opposite sides, this product works wonders. I find it so useful that I always carry it with me.


Outstanding product and service. I will make another purchase in the future.

Mark Stoico

I'm highly satisfied with these, and I was pleasantly surprised that they came with a box for storage.