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XtremepowerUS 61108-XP 2200W Electric Jack Hammer Chisel & Point Bits Included

SKU: 61108-XP
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This 2200 Watt electric Jackhammer delivers 1800 impacts per minute at 55 ft/lbs which can break up the hardest of surfaces. Since an air compressor is not required, this is one of the most portable jackhammers in the market. Adjustable 360° foregrip provides extra control and comfort during extended use. Our jack hammer is perfect for breaking up concrete, asphalt, mortar, hard clay, rocks, bricks, and more. This jackhammer is perfect for home renovations or stone masonry projects.


  • It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco, housing foundation removal, concrete slab, oil chimney, and much more
  • Adjustable 360-degree foregrip provides extra control that makes it easy to conveniently adjust based on the positioning you need for the job at hand
  • Available for Home and Commercial with the voltage of 110v/60 HZ, it's suitable for you to use at home and business
  • Excellent heavy-duty drilling power makes your work more efficient, use it at ease
  • It accepts 1-1/8 in. hex shank bits
  • Delivers 1800 BPM for fast demolition
  • Including Electric Demolition Jack Hammer with 16" bull point chisel, 16" flat chisel, pair of protective gloves, protective goggles, hex wrenches, and a carrying case


  • Color: Red
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Motor Power: 2200 Watts
  • Chuck Size: 1-1/8 In.
  • Chuck Type: Hex
  • No Load Speed: 1900RPM
  • Speed: 1800 Impacts Per Minute

Package Contents:

  • 2200 Watt Electric Demolition Jack Hammer
  • 16" Bull Point Chisel
  • 16" Flat Chisel
  • Protective Gloves
  • Protective Goggles
  • Oil Bottle
  • 3 x Hex Keys
  • Wrench
  • Carrying Case with Handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 1229 reviews
Mary M.
Best bang for the buck

Husband says product delivers as stated in manufacture reviews. You need to purchase 10w40 per manufacture and fill reservoir which is fairly simple as tool is provided. Site lens gives accurate oil level when tool upright. Tools, ie. Point, chisel as well as 3" chisel he purchased separately, need to be dressed frequently so having a bench grinder is a plus to keep them sharp. Tool is approx 35lbs which helps breaking concrete. He uses it about 2 hours at a time and let's it cool down.

Good bang for the buck

I purchased this electric hammer to install WamBam Fence "no dig" anchor posts. I'm glad I did because this was far less back-breaking than using a manual post driver. It doesn't come with the attachment for driving the posts. I got the TEMCo TH0406 " 1 1/8" Demo Hammer Hex Shank T Post Driver Attachment. Also purchased through Ihubdeal. Both items worked well.

J. H. Comegna
No words , Just Tacatacataca😁

No words , Just Tacatacataca😁

I Had My Doubts....I Was Wrong !

I really couldn't imagine that something so affordable could do what I needed but was pleasantly surprised that this little dynamo did the trick. I have gotta thank all the people who took the time to review this 'beast' (because that's what several reviewers called it)...and they were right on two important points:1) It would have cost this much to rent similar for the day and if I hadn't completed the task in a single day. or if the client decided she wanted more done(*more about that in a mo) it would have cost twice as much as this purchase.2) It kicked the bejesus out of the thicker than normal concrete. My client announced that her patio was waaay too big and therefore got too hot to enjoy in our summers here in Baltimore and asked me to give her an estimate on removing about a third of the patio which is about 75' by 45' and was obviously designed for Gatsbylike soirees. I pointed out that most people would kill for a patio (and walkways) this big.I suggested that we 'punch a hole in it and plant a tree". She fell in love with the idea and it was time to plan. The stonework was done in 1900 and even the walkways were wide enought to accomodate horse drawn carriages AND the concrete substate under the flagstones was 8-10" thick...not the modern day 4" thick. I read 3 thousand or so of the 3500 reviews (just kidding) and bought this beast and the learning curve was fast and steep. In 7 hours I was able to 'carve' out the flagstones to repurpose and cut a planting island 7' x 5'. To be fair my helper hauled the rubble to a posterity pile because we may need it for casting concrete plinths for antique cast iron urns. The jack hammer still almost looks new and stores upright in it's handy dandy case so takes up almost no room. Mark Twain wrote "To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail" so now I'm looking for more projects (again LOL) BTW the best tree for such hot reflected heat area is crepe myrtle....and then we planted all season blooming dayliles of mixed colors.

Laura Lambert
Great value and accessories

Great little jackhammer, dont expect to run it all day but it is a great DIYers tool. Comes with a good case and some safety gear. Needs to have oil installed but over all has helped me demo plenty of concrete without a hickup. Really great product for the price.