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  • Multi-Purpose & Space-Saving - Easy to assemble. Planter boxes which can be installed in a variety of shapes. Create a higher wall for special plants. Home and garden decorations. The planter box can easily be converted for indoor or outdoor use, perfect for planting in the balcony, herb garden, garden, backyard, patios, or the corners of your living room
  • Multiple Combinations - The design of this plant bed makes it easy and convenient to set up; just put the card frame and sheet together. No tools or screws needed; easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Self-Watering Design - Barton garden bed is equipped with a self-watering disk and drain holes, which provide space for reserving excess water and allowing roots to absorb water and nutrition completely. Each side of the box has a water plug for draining or retaining excess water easily
  • Compact Footprint - Barton planter box basket is super lightweight for easy transport and placement. They fit into smaller spots, allowing you to garden in places such as patios, decks, condos, and apartments
  • Mobile Wheels - Use the attached four wheels to make this garden bed portable as well as safe when you are caring about your little garden both outdoors and indoors!
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: PP
  • Plant Included: No
  • # of Planter Box: 2
  • Planting Area: 15"(L) x 15"(L) x 7"(H)
  • Overall Dimension: 15-3/4"(L) x 15-3/4"(W) x 9-1/4"(H)
  • Assembly Required: Yes
Product Content
  • 2 x Raised Planter Box
  • Manual

*Note Plant Not Included Image is for illustration purposes only*


Barton 2 Pieces Rolling Garden Bed

Our 2-piece raised garden set is the better way to grow plants and vegetables at home. Ideal for small patios, decks, balconies, condos, apartments, and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

The product appears to be of good quality and well-constructed. Unfortunately, the initial package I received was partially damaged, with the packing ripped and one of the siphon feet on the inner plate broken (refer to the attached pictures). Aside from these issues, the overall sturdiness seems satisfactory, although I've only had them for a few months.

The main issue I've encountered with this product pertains to the wheels. While they function well individually and when one box is rolled independently, connecting two boxes to create a combo (as suggested in the description and manual) poses challenges. The wheels from adjacent boxes tend to interfere with each other, hindering proper rotation during maneuvers. Attempting to push them forcefully may cause the wheels to drag and potentially lead to damage. Removing one of the adjacent wheels to allow rotation poses another problem – the corner of that box becomes less supported and may collapse. This issue appears to be a design flaw. On the positive side, if used individually, the product performs quite well.

John Hogan

These planters are sturdy and durable. They are also easy to move, which makes them perfect for moving plants indoors during winter.


I really like these, but the only drawback is the lack of a drainage feature. To address this, I drilled holes in each section, and now it works perfectly for me.

Wayne Adams

good quality and the size is just right

Gary Burch
I am liking these

I appreciate the convenience of being able to place my plants in these containers and effortlessly move them around on their wheels. They are of a suitable size and simple to assemble. Considering getting more.