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  • Carefully read the instructions on how to introduce the ionizer to your pool, and make sure to test out the water after 24 hours. Once the test result is within your optimal level, regularly check out the water to see if there are any major changes
  • Effective up to 35,000 gallons and works well for shaded & screened pools. Works very effectively in small pools by reducing chlorine levels faster
  • Alongside with great benefits, this product must be taken care of to deliver promising results. All of these components can be visibly inspected for any rust, wear, or damage. Make sure to replace them as soon as you find a problem
  • Solar Panel receive energy from the sun and activates the ionization of the anode. The ionization process limits the growth and removes unwanted minerals such as calcium in the pool water
  • Save money on pool chemical and electric costs for combined yearly savings. Unit is compatible with salt or chlorine, above-ground or in-ground pools
  • Power: Solar
  • Effective Area: Up to 35,000-Gallons
Product Content
  • Solar Ionizer Head
  • Coil
  • Copper Core
  • Filter Screen
  • Cleaning Brush

Solar Powered Pool Ionizer

While chlorine is an effective treatment for swimming pool sanitation, it can be incredibly hard on the skin, eyes, and hair. It's known to sting eyes and cause dry, flaky skin which can exacerbate symptoms for people who are prone to skin conditions like eczema. The Solar Pool Ionizer reduces the chlorine demand/consumption in your swimming pool by 80 to 90%, providing healthier and cleaner water.</p>

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eric Dorsch

The absolute best purchase for my pool! I couldn't use my pool for 4 weeks, and typically, I would spend over $100 on products to clear it up. This has saved me a significant amount of money, and now my pool is crystal clear!

Eric Hamm
So far so good

My pool maintains a lovely blue color with minimal chlorine. However, I need to add some when it gets significantly diluted by rain. I suppose the copper levels can't increase rapidly enough when a large amount of water is added all at once.


I haven't encountered any issues so far, and it's performing well. It's still relatively new, so only time will tell.

Best pool ionizer Ive owned

I’ve used several pool ionizers over the years, but this one is the best. It keeps my Florida pool clear of algae with a reduced chlorine level, as it should. It has a larger solar panel to provide power to the electrode than any other ionizer I’ve owned. One of the best features is that the electrode basket has a round plastic disk attached with a 4-foot cord that keeps the ionizer from getting pushed into the skimmer. It acts like an anchor. In conclusion, I would definitely buy this one again in the future.

Barrymore M Baltimore
Extreme power ionizer

I decided to purchase my first Xtreme Power Ionizer to reduce the need for weekly chlorine doses, saving a significant amount of money. Currently, the only thing I'm adding to my pool is chlorine tabs, and it has been nearly two weeks. I used to brush my pool twice a week, but now I do it every other week. Surprisingly, there are no signs of algae, and I've been particularly selective about the pool ionizer. So far, this has proven to be the best choice—durable, waterproof, and a marked improvement over similar ones my friends have that tend to look cool but become waterlogged. The Xtreme Power unit may appear old school, but it has been the most effective option for me, and I highly recommend it.