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  • Ideal Plier Set -   Use the 11" inch Plier 8-piece Set - Long Reach Circle, Power Diagonal Cutting, S-Shape, Angled, and Straight Nose Pliers to effortlessly work around obstructions, grip small parts, and bend wires
  • Apply Even Pressure - The set will reach far, hold securely, and cut quickly in any application. The cross-cut teeth apply even pressure and grip in any direction without slipping.
  • Comfortable Grip Handle - Soft molded non-slip PVC dipped cushion grip handles for less user fatigue and more comfort
  • Extra-Long Plier - 11" inch length allows for access to limited clearance areas/narrow spaces and keeps your hands away from sharp edges or hot surfaces
  • For Crafting and Repair Work - When servicing your computer or vehicle, your fingers can be too thick to work with the small parts; Small needle nose pliers help you hold and manipulate these small parts and can also be used to string guitars, wire a fishing pole, and craft jewelry and artwork
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Forged High Carbon Steel
  • Plier Length: 11"
  • # of Plier: 8
  • Carrying Pouch Included: Yes
Product Content
  • Big circle nose
  • Middle circle nose
  • Small circle nose
  • Power diagonal cutting nose
  • "S" shape nose
  • 90-degree needle nose
  • 45-degree needle nose
  • Straight needle nose pliers
  • Carrying Pouch

XtremepowerUS 11" 9pc Long Reach Plier

The 11" Long Nose Plier Set Tool Automotive Mechanic Pliers. Great Tool Set for the Do-It-Yourself Automotive Applications! This is a Standard Set that any man or woman needs in a toolbox.

XtremepowerUS 16513-XP 9pc Long Reach Plier 11" Mechanics Electricians Craft w/Pouch

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