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  • Wide Range of Application - Idea choice for welding, cutting, chemical and electronics industry
  • Argon/CO2 Regulator For Welding - The Argon Regulator is an ideal choice for professional TIG / MIG welding applications, which can be used to reduce and control pressure levels. Whether you are a welding beginner or a seasoned professional, you will find that argon regulators are very easy to use
  • Argon Flowmeter With Pressure Gauge - Argon flowmeter is equipped with a pressure gauge, allowing you to view how much gas is left in the tank range 0 to 3,500psi
  • CGA580 Inlet Connection - The pressure regulator is suitable for standard Argon / O2 / N2 Tanks with CGA-580 Inlet Connection. Able to connect the welding hose via female 5/8UNF-18RH fitting
  • Hose Included - 6ft Hose Quick Connect Fitting enables your tanks at a safe distance from your welding projects.
  • Material: PC & Copper
  • Fitting Type: CGA-580
  • Volume Range: 0-25 LPM (kgf/c?)
  • Pressure Range: 0-3500 PSI
  • kgf/c? Range: 0-250 kgf/c?
  • Hose ID: 3/16" and the OD is 5/16"
  • Hose Length: 6ft
Product Content
  • Welder Regulator Argon/CO2 Flow Meter
  • Argon Hose

Stark USA Argon Flowmeters Regulators w/Gas Hose

The Stark Argon Set is compatible with a range of gases, including CO2 as well as argon, and is designed to reduce and control pressure levels, this MIG/TIG Welding Argon Regulator is a useful product for any welder. This flowmeter gauge is perfect for MIG and TIG Welding Applications.


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