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  • It can be applied in various situations, kitchen, restaurant, company use, etc., featuring a perfect helper in meat cutting. It aims to offer you durable use satisfaction. Various choices can be presented, no matter whether you want to make sausage or meat loaf
  • Offset head design with high speed not only guarantees you a quiet use without any noise but maximizes your efficiency becoming a good helper for you. You can also be satisfied with its long lifetime
  • Clear instructions allow you to install, disassemble, and maintenance. All the hardware is included. You can clean it when there is any stain on it for its smooth appearance
  • This electric meat grinder comes with 2 different cutting plates. You can easily grind different sizes of meat by changing the cutting plate
  • Constructed with precision-engineered strong steel, its sturdy body can perfectly provide you with reliable experience with its gears being able to cut the meat into various kinds you desire.
  • Voltage: 110/60Hz
  • Power Rated: 1100
  • Productivity: 396lbs/h / 550lbs/h
  • Speed of Blade: 193-225r/min
  • Option Grinder Size: 12 / 22
  • Cutting Plates #: 6 and 8
  • Function: Forward & Reverse
  • Overall Dimensions: 22# 22"(L) x 8"(W) x 15"(H) / 12# 18"(L) x 10-1/2"(W) x 14-3/4"(H)
Product Content
  • Meat Grinder
  • Meat Pusher
  • Course grinding plate
  • Fine Grinding plate
  • 2 x Blades

Barton Commercial #12 Meat Grinder

This electric-powered commercial meat grinder is suitable for industrial and home use and the powerful 1100 watts to grind through tough meats quickly. The stainless steel makes it easy to clean up and ensures long-lasting use. Fast grinding speeds that can easily grind through 396/550lbs of meat in an hour.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Five Stars


This grinder is an exceptional value with its unbeatable price. It's a true 1 HP powerhouse that processes meat at lightning speed. The grinder is substantial, weighty, and powerful, embodying the qualities of a genuine meat grinder. Having processed an elk last fall, it effortlessly handled the task. Growing up on a family farm with a three HP butchers meat grinder, I found this grinder reminiscent of that quality machine. It surpasses other grinders I've encountered over the years and, unless there's an unforeseen motor issue, I anticipate it lasting a lifetime.

The only area for improvement is the threading of the bolts that attach the auger tube to the grinder body, as they don't thread smoothly. I encountered some cross-threading with one of the bolts, and they can be challenging to remove due to their bold design. However, replacing them with screws from a local hardware store should resolve this issue. Even if all the screws were cross-threaded (which is unlikely), and professional assistance was needed for repair, the grinder would still be a steal considering the prices elsewhere.

Matias Mays

Exceeded our expectations. Operating it was straightforward, and there were no difficulties when grinding the meat. We processed at least 50 pounds of meat, and it performed flawlessly throughout.

kevin carey

The grinder is excellent and performs well, providing performance comparable to a $700 grinder but at half the price. However, the downside is that I ordered the 22-pound model, which actually weighed 50 pounds, but I received the 12-pound version weighing 39 pounds. Despite this mix-up, the grinder works exceptionally well. I do wonder how the 22-pound version would have performed.


Extremely heavy-duty. We ground up three deer in under an hour, running the meat through twice with fat and no fat. A fantastic product.