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  • Heavy Duty Torque Multiplier Wrench Set to quickly loosen and remove stubborn lug nuts with minimal effort; Suitable for most trucks, buses, RVs, semi-trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles (not recommended for small passenger cars)
  • Constructed of alloy steel, these torque multipliers are designed for maximum strength and longevity; With a 1:58 gear ratio bringing 3200 NM, the torque multiplier lug nut wrench set easily produces a sufficient output torque to loosen stubborn nuts with minimal effort rocking bar features a textured rubber foam handle for better grip and increased friction
  • Heavy-duty plastic blow-molded carrying case provides easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization.
  • Remove lug nut caps and place correct socket onto the lug nut; Connect cheater wrench to socket and anchor the brace rod against the wheel hub or an adjacent lug nut to ensure steady operation and leverage; Attach the handle and turn in the direction you wish to move the nut, extension bar helps to remove nuts quickly after being loosened; Use the square socket for square duel lug studs
  • Material: Black Oxide Steel
  • Socket Type:
    6 Point: 1-5/8 inch (41mm), 1-1/2 inch (38mm), and 1-5/16 inch (33mm)
    Sqaure Point: 13/16 inch (21mm)
  • Carrying Included: Yes
Product Content
  • Labor Saving Wrench Set
  • Carrying Case

Stark USA 18855 HD Torque Multiplier Wrench

Stark  Torque Multiplier Wrench that provides constant pressure preventing rounded lug nut corners. It is Great for rescuing seized wheel nuts. You will multiply your strength by this labor-saving wrench. This wrench is a newly designed wheel wrench for easily loosening truck tires lug nuts or car tires by using less effort to reach a sufficient output torque without impact or Compressor needed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David Martin
Works well in remote situations

The product appears to be heavy-duty and durable, including the sockets. However, I found two aspects less favorable: the handle's free-spinning end feels cheap and may break under heavy use, and the input side of the tool has some excess play, lacking precise tolerances. Nevertheless, the tool performs as expected. I successfully used the 41mm socket to remove a left-hand threaded nut that was stuck on the stud.

Tieran Han

High quality and great value, effectively performs its intended function.


I vividly recall Steve Austin's super-bionic arm effortlessly removing lug nuts, sounding much like an air impact gun. This tool now allows for the easy removal of extremely large lug nuts on tractor trailers or motorhomes, akin to Steve Austin's capabilities—almost! It's the ideal tool to keep in your RV for those instances when you need to change a tire on a long journey. The removal of nuts becomes a breeze with this tool! Just bear in mind that on some vehicles, the nuts on the left side are left-handed (usually indicated by an "L" somewhere on the end of the stud), and this tool can exert enough force to snap a stud if used too zealously in the wrong direction.

Jim Elliott

Ideal for DIYers stranded in remote areas. Fix your flat semi tire on your own and save money on expensive roadside tire repairs.

Tom browne

An excellent product for the price, it performs very well for the job on trucks and industrial trailers.