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  • Portable Tire Changer - Our manual tire changer provides a convenient way to remove tires from rims and remount them quickly. The bead breaker mounting tool allows you to change the tires yourself without going to the store, which saves time and money
  • Handle Tires with Ease - Thanks to the 3 holes on the tube, the position of the bead breaker can be adjusted to fit different tires. Perfect to handle all tires from 4" to 16.5" light truck tires
  • Heavy Steel Construction - The manual tire changer base is made of steel with a red painted surface, which is rust-proof and corrosion-proof. The sturdy steel keeps the tire changer in shape and makes work secure
  • Convenient and Secure - The manual tire changer machine comes with a locking collar for holding the wheel in place while mounting or dismounting the tire. And four 1/2" pre-drilled holes allow fixing the tire changer to the ground directly
  • Easy to Use - Our portable tire changer requires no power hookups or pneumatic lines to operate. It's compact and portable, not only suitable for small auto shops and homes but also suitable for outdoor emergency use. Economically handle your tires
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Steel
  • Function: Manual
  • Sliding Jaw Clamps: Adjustable
  • Tire Spread: 4" to 16 1/2
  • Base Measurements: 18-7/8" x 11-7/8"
  • Height: 50-1/4"
  • Assembly Required: Yes
Product Content
  • Tire Spreader / Changer Stand

Stark USA Multifunction Tire Changer

This Multifunctional Manual Tire Changer for 4" to 16-1/2" tires is great for tire installation and separation. This tire changer is made of first-rate, durable steel material and features an ergonomic making this tire changer easy and comfortable to use. This manual tool is highly efficient and labor-saving.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I did what many of you probably did and watched videos on this tire machine before purchasing it. Trust me when I say those individuals make it look easy... until you figure it out. Two important tips I learned the hard way (using this on ATV tires): First, I secured a strap around the base and through the wheel to prevent it from slipping out towards me when breaking the bead. Second, when putting the tires back on, I used the bar included in the kit to get it started and then employed another bar or spoon to press down on the tire opposite the bar. This helped secure the last quarter of the tire onto the rim. Essentially, having a bar in both hands, with one pushing down, made the process smooth and easy, unlike struggling with just the bar provided in the kit, which can bend.


The Stark tire changer proved effective when I used it to replace a 15" rear tire on my Honda cruiser recently. However, I encountered a slight issue with the three rim hooks securing the wheel being on the weaker side, causing the wheel to spin during operation. To address this, I inserted a long metal pipe down the rim to prevent spinning, significantly improving efficiency. It's worth noting that the unit includes nuts and bolts to secure the top spreader to the base but doesn't come with concrete anchors. To address this, a visit to the hardware store for 3/8-inch wedge anchors will ensure everything is securely in place. Overall, the Stark tire changer gets a positive recommendation from me.

Chaojun Duan
This is the one to get

After evaluating some budget-friendly tire machines, I concluded that they wouldn't handle all the diverse wheels I own. I successfully removed, patched, and reinstalled a pair of four-wheeler tires using this machine, and it works exceptionally well. I'm pleased with its performance. Don't be deceived by cheaper alternatives; their utility is often limited.


Functions effectively. I've used it twice without securing it with bolts.

Courtney bowers
Works as advertised. Highly recommended (if you are handy/know what you are doing)

I purchased this to replace the front tire on my garden tractor (15x006-6). Initially, I was concerned that it might not work for such a small rim, but it worked perfectly. I had initially attempted to change the tire without the proper tools, using screwdrivers, a bench vise, and a pry bar. After lots of effort and frustration, I decided to do some research and ended up buying this tire changer.

It arrived a couple of days later, and assembly took about five minutes. Changing the tire also took around five minutes. Now, whenever I need to do it again, I'll be well-prepared. Some people have mentioned that you need to bolt it down to concrete, but I didn't have a convenient area for that. Instead, I used lag bolts into a couple of 2x4s. While I didn't attempt to hold the tire changer and the 2x4s by simply standing on them, I worked on my deck and used carpenter clamps to secure the front 2x4 to a couple of the 4x4s that support my deck—where they come up through the deck at the top of the stairs—and it worked perfectly.

This tire changer will pay for itself after changing out just a few tires. If it had been more expensive, I might not have purchased it. Nevertheless, given its solid construction, it will always be there when needed. I highly recommend it.