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  • Perfect Stove Pot - Perfect for preparing preserves, jams, soups, and more. The 20-quart capacity allows you to prepare large quantities for storage or family meal prep
  • Temperature Indicator Knob - Built-in Temperature Indicator in Tempered Glass Lid with 3-elevation zones makes timing easy. Identify your altitude and watch the needle in your corresponding zone. Once the needle is in the green for your zone, begin timing. Using the lowest stove temperature while keeping the needle in the green allows you to use less energy
  • Tri-Ply Base - 20-quart stainless steel water bath canner features a tri-ply base for even heating
  • Use on Any Range - Suitable for use on a gas stove, electric stove, induction cooker, and ceramics furnace
  • Rack Included - The rack's design allows it to be raised and supported on the edge of the canning pot for easier jar removal
  • Color: Silver
  • Available Type: Water Bath Canner/Water Bath Canner w/ 7 Jars
  • Material: Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel #201
  • Temperature Indicator: Yes
  • Capacity: 20-Quart
  • Jar Rack Included: Yes
  • Compatible Heat Source: Gas, Sealed Electric, Ceramic and Electric Coil
  • Interior Size: 12-3/4"(Dia.) x 9"(H)
  • Overall Dimension: 17-1/2"(W) x 13-1/4"(L) x 12-1/2"(H)

Barton 20Qt Canner

This 20-quart stainless steel water bath Canner features a tri-ply base for even heating and A tempered glass lid with a built-in temperature indicator. This set also includes the 7-jar canning rack. The canning rack holds seven quart or pint jars in the proper position for optimum hot water circulation.

Barton 20Qt Canner Temperate Indicator & Rack Multi Use Canning Water Bath Pot

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Eliminates the guesswork in canning. It's worth every penny.

Najibullah Bahrami

Appreciate the small dial on the lid, especially in the Mile High City; it beats having to estimate additional time.

wanda rodriguez

Excellent for PC! I appreciate the temperature gauge and the glass lid for monitoring during processing. Performs admirably and is durable!


Excellent canning pot. Sturdy AND attractive!