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XtremepowerUS Pool Spa 1" or 3" Chlorine Bromine Chemical Tablet Tabs Floater

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This heavy-duty floating chlorine dispenser is designed to be used with 3" tabs to provide a steady stream of chlorine into your pool or spa. This dispenser works for inground pools, above-ground pools, and spas and comes with an adjustable chlorine output vent that can be set to your liking. Sturdy, long-lasting construction, and great for use with large 3" or small 1" chlorine or bromine tablets and sticks.


  • Ready to use - Ideal for keeping your pool or spa ready to use and free from algae, bacteria, and foul odors
  • One dispenser will work for many seasons - Greater protection against the harsh UV light of the sun
  • Quick and Easy - The floating chemical dispenser for the pool holds up to 3" tablet, has a lockable cap and adjustable rings for complete control
  • A perfect fit for your bromine tablets. Insert the bromine tablets, lock the lid and you're all set
  • Complete Chlorine Control - Multiple vents on both sides of the dispenser work in complete harmony to provide total chlorine release control
  • pH Levels - Properly maintaining the pH level balance is critical.


  • Size: 7" Diameter x 7"(H)
  • Holds: (6) 3" tablets

Package Contents:

  • Chlorine Dispenser

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Tammy Langille
It is the same as high priced ones.

It is very good, especially for the super cheap price.


Il est difficile de connaître la durabilité pour le moment

Does what it does

These things might last 1 summer, but... they are exposed 24/7 to sun and chlorine, so they break easily at the tabs where the lid is - for the cost, I do not mind replacing every summer.

Amazon Customer
Great quality

Very good product at a very affordable price

It is a very large dispenser

seems like a great value for the price. might be a bit to large for the 400 gallon spa I bought it for. If I can not get the bromine levels low enough with it I will use it in our above ground pool this summer. If it works in the spa I will buy 2 more one for the pool and one for a extra.