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Stark USA 65045 65045 Drywall Lift 16' Yellow Rolling Sheetrock Panel Hoist Jack

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Drywall sheets can weigh up to 150 lbs. making installation a two man (or even three man) job. With a drywall lift, you can install full sheets of drywall in a fraction of the time and you can do it with no help.


  • Eliminate Risk- Eliminate risk of injury due to the heavy lifting, Prevent strain and injury by letting the lift do all the hard work
  • Support Hooks - Secures the drywall on the lift and prevents it from sliding off during placement. Also helps pivot the drywall sheet into place so it is flush against the wall and adds support to prevent the edges of drywall sheets from getting crushed and broken.
  • Sturdy - A 5' wide tripod base is supported by anti-slip, non-marring casters that won't damage floors; a 3" triangular frame (in 4' sections) features oversized lock nuts and clevis pins at critical pivot-points, and the base includes a flip-down backstop to secure the lift's position for mounting
  • Large Cradle - Extends to 10' in width, has rubber caps on 3-position auto-locking outriggers to protect your material, and also features panel support hooks; it retracts to just 60" from the floor when tilted for easy loading
  • Lifting Winch - Simple-to-operate, single-stage winch (18" wheel, 4" handle) with an extra-strong, braided-steel lifting cable; it includes a brake and a capped handle to protects hands
  • Tool Free Assembly - Easy assemble, no tool required. Quick tool-free setup and disassembly for storage


  • Max reach for horizontal ceilings: 16-feet
  • Max single sheet capacity: up to 4 X 16-feet
  • Max load rating: 150-lbs
  • Casters Size: 4"-inch
  • Horizontal ceilings max reach: 16ft, angled ceiling Up to 19ft
  • Max Reach for walls: 16-feet; (12-foot maximum lift and half the length of drywall)

Package Content:

  • Drywall Panel Lift
  • Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Gordon Sanders

This lift will allow a single person to do what it would normally require 2 people to perform.

Roger W.
This is a must have for 12' ceilings!

Works great. Shipped in 2 boxes, 2nd box was delivered by Fed Ex 2 or 3 days after 1st box. Boxes was torn apart and retaped but other than some paint damage everything is great!

Dennis K. French II
Only tilts horizontal for easy loading

As far as i can tell this is fine for normal drywall hanging on walls and normal ceilings. Ive read reviews on weld issues, as far as i can tell welds look fine. Now with that being said i have a log home and i am putting in insulation on ceiling inbetween the 8" deep, 3.5" thick beams seperated almost 4' apart with r19 insulation. I choose to keep an exposed beam of about 1" after drywall was installed. I choose to run the drywall vertical to create less joints and in turn less mudding. Problem is this lift only tilts drywall on the horizontal and not vertical. I may cut welds at the tilt hinge rotate 45 degrees and reweld so it will tilt on the vertical. Or weld a 1/2" plate to arms and 1/2 plate to base, and bolt it together so i can swap back to horizontal tilt if ever needed.


The only reason I gave it 5 stars for overall rating is because they don't offer 10 stars.! Indispensable if you are putting your drywall up by yourself as I did. It's like a tank. Super Duty. Without it, forget it. I saw where fellows show you how to improvise with nails in the studs or ceiling, etc. No, No, and again No. Spend the 150.00 and get something that will make your life easier, and will allow you to go about your work without cussing up a storm. Can't Miss. Worst case scenario, sell it after the job. If you try to rent one, it costs so much to rent that you 'd have to get the job done in like 5 days or less. This way, if you need a month or two, you've got it.

Bonitus Mugenzi
Easy to set up and use

I like that it is use to transport and use