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  • General Maintenance Work - Extremely Popular General Maintenance Work, Automotive Repair, Metal Sculpture, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration etc
  • Ideal Use - For iron or steel welding, braze-welding, plus brazing, cutting, bending & forming
  • Waterproof Storage Compartment - Carrier is made of tough, lightweight polypropylene; Waterproof storage compartment
  • Regulator Type - Rear entry regulators for better balance on the small cylinders Oxygen Regulator Type: (CGA540) Acetylene regulator Type: (CGA200)
  • Complete Set - Compatible gas-welding accessory kit includes a 20cu. ft oxygen tank and 10cu. ft acetylene tank with regulators, along with full brass torch assembly
  • Material: Brass Torch, Poly Carrier
  • Oxygen Regulator Type: (CGA540)
  • Acetylene Regulator Type: (CGA200)
  • Nozzle size(s): #0-3-101 Cutting / #0 Welding
  • Hose Length: 12-feet, 6-inch
  • Cutting Capacity: 1/2"
  • Welding Capacity: 3/16"
  • Fuel Type: Oxygen/Acetylene
  • DOT Certificate: No
Product Content
  • 20cu. ft Oxygen cylinder (Empty)
  • 10cu ft Acetylene cylinder (Empty)
  • Oxygen regulator (CGA540)
  • Acetylene regulator (CGA200)
  • Cutting Nozzle
  • Cutting Attachment
  • Welding Tip 1 and 2
  • Twin welding hose
  • Tip cleaner
  • Welding goggle
  • Carrying Tote

*NOTE* We strongly suggest you check with your gas supplier before buying cylinders to see what they will or will not fill or exchange.(tanks are not DOT approved)


Stark USA Victor Type Welding & Cutting Torch

Weld iron and steel pipes or use this portable Oxygen/ Acetylene torch kit to fabricate metal artwork as well as brazing, cutting, bending, and forming. The complete torch kit includes an oxygen tank and acetylene tank with regulators along with a chrome-plated brass torch assembly with a turbo lever.

Stark USA 55146 Victor Type Welding & Cutting Torch Oxygen Acetylene Regulator Set

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