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  • Solar ionizer will be the perfect solution to reduce the amount of chlorine and chemicals up to 85%. No other chemical product is necessary or recommended. Our ionizers work perfectly fine with small amounts of Chlorine and, consistently, the pH becomes very stable.
  • Alongside with great benefits, this product must be taken care of to deliver promising results. All of these components can be visibly inspected for any rust, wear, or damage. Make sure to replace them as soon as you find a problem
  • Solar Panel receive energy from the sun and activates the ionization of the anode. The ionization process limits the growth of microorganisms and removes unwanted minerals such as calcium in the pool water
  • Effective up to 35,000 gallons and works well for shaded & screened pools. Works very effectively in small pools by reducing chlorine levels faster
  • Carefully read the instructions on how to introduce the ionizer to your pool, and make sure to test out the water after 24 hours. Once the test result is within your optimal level, regularly check out the water to see if there are any major changes
  • Save money on pool chemical and electric costs for combined yearly savings. Unit is compatible with salt or chlorine, above-ground or in-ground pools
  • Power: Solar
  • Effective Area: Up to 35,000-Gallons
Product Content
  • Solar Ionizer Head
  • Coil
  • Copper Core
  • Filter Screen
  • Cleaning Brush

Solar Powered Pool Ionizer

While chlorine is an effective treatment for swimming pool sanitation, it can be incredibly hard on the skin, eyes, and hair. It's known to sting eyes and cause dry, flaky skin which can exacerbate people who are prone to skin conditions like eczema. The Solar Pool Ionizer reduces the chlorine demand/consumption in your swimming pool by 80 to 90%, providing healthier and cleaner water.

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Customer Reviews

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Forrest Nelson
Two months relationship and counting

After waiting a couple of months, I feel compelled to share that this device is, without a doubt, the best online purchase I've made in the 15 years since joining. What instilled trust in the product was the generous 90-day return policy. In terms of performance, it has exceeded my expectations. Despite my initial skepticism about relying solely on reviews, I took a chance, and my pool has never been this clean in the past six years.

Previously, I used 20 gallons of chlorine and 7 pounds of stabilizer monthly, but with this device, I now only need 2.5 gallons of chlorine every two weeks. Interestingly, even when I add chlorine, the pool maintains around 3.0 ppm, indicating it doesn't actually need it. A video taken two weeks after adding 2.5 gallons of chlorine before vacation shows chlorine levels at 3 ppm. I plan to experiment with going three weeks without adding chlorine this time.

I clean the copper rod every two or three weeks, which is a minor task. During my vacation, I covered half of the solar cell to avoid excessively high copper levels, although, in retrospect, it seems unnecessary. Everything looks and tests perfect after two weeks of zero intervention.

A disclaimer: I replace chlorine tablets (3-4 every month) and add a cup or two of acid every two weeks to maintain the pH within the desired range. Overall, pool maintenance has become remarkably easy, chlorine usage has reduced by at least 80%, and the water chemistry has never been better.

Take the plunge a give this unit a try.

I appreciate this unit because it exceeds the expectations of its performance. It has kept my pool exceptionally clean without the need for many chemicals. I find that I hardly need to run the pool pump, resulting in significant cost savings. I highly recommend this unit.

Great product

Performs exceptionally well, definitely worth the investment.

Algae fighter

I've always been skeptical of alternative pool cleaners, but this one works incredibly well. It significantly improved my pool water clarity and effectively prevents algae growth! One piece of advice: eliminate existing algae before using this device, as it prevents algae but cannot eliminate existing growth.

David M.
It works

Certainly a cost-effective solution. It reduced my chlorine usage by 40 percent.