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  • Running your pump at lower speeds for longer periods will cost you less in operational costs than running your pump at a high speed for shorter periods
  • Easy start-up fill the pump with water upon first use to prevent the motor from overheating
  • Extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning
  • Fully programmable, self-contained 24-hour time clock, with custom speeds and timer functions, which allows it to manage flow throughout the day
  • High-Efficiency Impeller maximize flow and reduce noise while the energy-efficient motor with a commercial-grade frame
  • Thermally protected motor for greater protection and longevity
  • Intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  • Material: PPGF30 + PC
  • Power: 1.5HP
  • Voltage: 230v
  • # of Speed: 3
  • Rated Power: Eco (1,500RPM), Clean (2,400RPM), Boost (3,250RPM)
  • Timer Function: Yes
  • Inlet Internal Fitting: 2" NPT
  • Head Max: 59ft
  • GPM: 101
  • Waterproof Level: IPX5
  • Certification:
  • Hardware Required: Yes
Product Content
  • Electric Pool Pump
  • Manual

* When installing, please consult qualified professional


XtremepowerUS 1.5HP Variable Speed Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Pump now offers a fully variable speed pump at an affordable price. The XtremepowerUS motor delivers premium energy efficiency and program flexibility with a digital controller mounted directly onto the pump. The XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Pump can save you up to 80% in energy costs over single-speed pumps. It also has faster payback than the more expensive variable speed pumps because it is sized to match the performance of the most common medium heat pumps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

A three-button pool pump, but in reality, you only need to use two. The low speed is for everyday filtering, and the third button is for the sweep function. No need to switch valves. It's truly a plug-and-play system.

Carl Shortridge
Good price and product

We had someone install the new pump, but we don’t know how long the previous one had been there. We had to frequently refill the pool because the old pump consumed a lot of water. One time we forgot to refill it, and it started making loud and unpleasant noises. The new pump was installed quickly and we set it on eco mode, which makes it very quiet and efficient.

hubert collins

Should have bought one of these a while ago. It's also very quiet. The old pump was running for 5 hours at 10 amps, whereas this pump, in eco mode, runs at only 0.59 amps, making a huge difference. The first mode effectively keeps my pool sparkling clean, more than ever before. The expected energy savings should be significant.


I've owned this pump for six weeks, and it has performed without any problems.

John J Conte

Installation is straightforward. I opted to replace the plastic wire conduit fitting because it didn't seem suitable. Initially, there was a minor leak upon starting, but it hasn't recurred since. The sound levels and energy savings are excellent. The pump includes an automatic shutdown function if it can't establish good flow, which I believe will significantly extend its lifespan. Regular single-speed pumps lack this feature and can be damaged quickly if they run dry.